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Air Filter Replacements And Cleaning In Rock Hill, SC

Air Filter Replacements and Cleanings from Rock Hill’s Most Trusted HVAC Experts

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If your family is suffering from allergies due to pets, pollen, dust, smoke, and other common indoor air contaminants, it’s probably time to have your home’s air filters replaced or cleaned. At Elite Air & Heat, we offer Rock Hill and York County homeowners a wide selection of high-efficiency air filters to eliminate airborne contaminants and help you breathe cleaner, better-quality air.

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    Homeowners now more than ever are turning to high-end air filters such as HEPA filters to protect their indoor air from airborne contaminants. And no other HVAC contractor in Rock Hill has the selection and quality of air filters as Elite Air & Heat. If it's been over a year since you replaced your HEPA-grade or equivalent air filter, then give our team a call today. We can have a new filter installed in no time and for less than the competition!

    Dirty vs. Clean Air Filter Comparison

    You may want to consider an air filter replacement or cleaning if:

    1. You have increased energy bills: When you have a clogged or dirty air filter, it will block airflow circulating through your air ducts. This puts excess strain on your HVAC system, which means it will stay on longer, use more power, and ultimately cause your energy bills to increase. If you’ve noticed a recent spike in your utility costs, give Elite Air & Heat a call. One of our trusted technicians will swap out or clean your air filter for you.
    2. It takes longer for your home to heat and cool: Another common sign of a dirty air filter is when you notice that it’s taking longer and longer to heat or cool your home. Again, because dirty air filters block the flow of air through your HVAC system, there won’t be as much cool or warm air flowing out of your vents, which means you won’t be receiving the desired temperature change. When this happens, you must have your air filters swapped out or cleaned. If not, you risk long-term damage to your heating and cooling systems.
    3. There’s more dust near your vents: Once an air filter is clogged, it won’t be able to trap as much hair, dirt, dust, and other indoor air particles. If you’ve noticed a buildup of dust around your vents, it’s likely a sign that your air filter is well past its prime and needs to be replaced or cleaned.

    Looking for the cost of an air filter replacement in Rock Hill?


    The price of your air filter replacement may vary according to…

    • Whether you need a replacement or cleaning – Homeowners can simply clean many standard air filters, similar to removing lint from a dryer vent. If you have a more advanced filter, though (such as a HEPA filter, which can remove up to 99.7% of indoor air contaminants), you’ll need to purchase a replacement filter once it gets clogged. In general, replacement filters tend to cost more than cleanings. If you have standard filters, our pros are happy to clean them at no additional cost.
    • The type of air filter replaced – As a rule of thumb, the more efficient the filter is at trapping pollutants, the more expensive it will be to replace. That said, some high-efficiency filters only need to be replaced once a year, which means you’ll enjoy less maintenance and increased quality of air.
    • DIY vs. professional service – Many homeowners want to save a little money and do their own air filter replacements or cleanings. However, if you want complete peace of mind that your air filter—a vital part of your AC system—is correctly and safely replaced and/or cleaned, hiring a licensed HVAC professional to do it for you is well worth the cost.

    We'll come to your home and assess your air filter needs for just $89!

    A range of prices is helpful. But a precise quote for your specific issue is more valuable still. Elite Air & Heat will send a licensed professional to your home to assess your filters and give you a fixed-price quote for just $89.

    Our air filter replacement and cleaning process

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      Very responsive and informative. Honest and hard working. They got our new AC installed on the weekend in a crunch to help us out!

      Called because my AC was not working well. Came out within 24 hours when they said they would. Tested the entire system, fan on the outside unit was out. Told me exactly what the issue was, gave me a fair price and said he could have the part next day. I asked if it was something I could repair. The tech gave me an honest rundown of the risk as well as what the job initialed. Amazing service, I will never call a different company for my heating and AC repair. Could not recommend them high enough. I owned a construction company for 8 years, this company does it right.

      Professional work done on my new Nest WiFi thermostat install, Walked me by all the steps i needed help on.

      Prompt, on time service, technicians were professional and knowledgeable and able to fix my air issue. Thanks!

      Great experience! Very responsive and came out in a timely manner. Sal (tech) was very friendly and fixed the problem within ten minutes. Highly recommend Sal and Elite air conditioning and heating.

      During the hottest weather of June 2022, my house older HVAC system burned out completely. When other companies told me it would be more than a week before they could help me, Elite was immediately responsive with installing a new HVAC system in less than 48 hours. Excellent service, very professional, competitive pricing and a great warranty. Elite will be the only company I use for HVAC service.

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